I'm Alive

A visit into the mind of Jordan Snowzell.


I used to be known by everyone but now my name means nothing to anyone. People have deleted me from society and labelled me as irrelevant and unnecessary. I used to be a loved and respected Prince, and now I walk the streets rejected by the sons and daughters of those who loved me. Fools mock me and order me to be silent; they think that their words are more important than mine. It has become fashionable to spit on me and everything that I stand for. People are certain that I don’t belong anymore, that I’ve had my time. But they are wrong; my best days are yet to come. If people knew the power that is inside of me, if people understood that I have the potential to change this world for the better then I wouldn’t be told to stay silent. I wouldn’t be forced out of my rightful place. People have chosen to reject me and because of it they live in a very different world.

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